Sunday, October 12, 2008

The TabletPC is under hyped; Bill should know

This screen is awesome. Not only can I deliver hand-written correspondence to people, the laquer coating protects it from finger smudges and pen drops that are an occupational hazard of the trade; customer service and technical support professionals alike need these tablets.
Take it from Billy G, he should know. This is from his parting words on Microsoft and the future of I.T. It is a credible source, unlike the 11 rules of life which are from educator Charles Sykes, not the Entrepreneur as the patroniser referring it suggests.

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syncman2x said...

Almost did I forget to mention, not. The best tablets come with an SXGA+ screen (2006-2008) for writing clarity. This allows a full page of text to be displayed legibly.
There is also the added advantage of being able to view your photos on this high resolution screen. I thought 1400 px or 120dpi was odd but it turns out perfect for most print-ready PDFs and it kicks the shit out of commercial photo frames.