Thursday, September 10, 2009

வாட் டோஎஸ் ரேவேர்சே இன்ஜினியரிங் கோஸ்ட்?

Capitalists may believe they have a hard time selling economics principals; Shit Happens.

Business Finance is not as boar-ing as you may think.

Real technology companies are not profiting on bull-shit.

All Puns Intended.

The real boredom in finance is felt when customers, like me, have to sift through ego-trash. The objective, obviously, is to separate the quality merchandise from the smart-arses, then guard the derivative works from the hard bastard that came before the smart-arse who sold it to you.

It's called, "High School," for a reason.

But setting aside the thought that completing mandatory education resembles being released from Terrorist Corrections Faculty,

By the time I subscribed to my current investors newsletter, I found the content to be worthy of its spot within a technology publication; hell, it is better than most trade journals to date! Remember when you first knew your trade in your school years, when you knew that the correct trade for your character was going to accrue for you a lot of money, as well as build character? That's the same thing I felt when I stepped into I.T. It is an industry cultivated by business and thus, it is only natural that business feels like a supportive parent to me now, while the trade journals all act like those strangers you hear about with candy.

I wish I could tell you what this publication is; though I am not going to. The author asked me not to, the publisher actively protects its copyright, and I, a failed software developer, frankly do not feel the need to assist any random stranger that crosses my life path. Seriously, don't fuck with the nerds, cause now you know what it cost you; nothing.

( A terrible thing happens to enterprising individuals who don't take care of their own; nothing. )

It's precisely the same principle that dissolved Enic. Although the silicon chip is more susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge, it's advantages in physical volume and consumption mean the former can't possibly match on terms of R.O.I with the latter. Enic may come first, and even its power consumption was at a time the best; all it did was pave way for successors who didn't feel the need to start a war to turn over a damn profit.

I'd be an idiot to do business with some shmum, who could fuck me over at any time, and expect to get away with it.