Sunday, April 19, 2009

நேகடிவிட்டி, கெட் உசெட் டு இட், ஓர் க்ரொவ் உப

There are those who push ethics for life. I've made a simple deal with my creator. I will participate as a commuter in this economy, an employee of someone else's business, trading my hours for dollars to pay the rent and living expenses, and all I ask in return is, no fame, no debt, no frivolous lifestyle, none at all.

பற்றோநிசிங் பெஒப்லே கேன் பிசஸ் ஆப்.

All I ask is that when you have the power (money-power mostly) to decide who benefits from the work they do, or the contribution they make to society, be sure to benefit the person who has not disrespected the $750,000 Human Instrument, the $2 Million Dollar Character, or the Human Soul / Entity Consciousness of undisclosed value. Do not do business with thugs.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

பிக் போச்கேத்ஸ் விதௌட் பிங்கேர்ப்ரின்த்ஸ்

நெவெர் டிரஸ்ட் எ கம்ப்யூட்டர் தட் யு கண்ணோட் லிப்ட்.

Just look at the smile on that goofy mans face. Look at him smirk. He's earned it.