Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pie in the Sky, printer Fly

So we have this blimp cruising at high altitude. The atmosphere is too thin in our target location where the ozone resides in its protection capability. The height raised by the blimp does, however, get us close enough in that the difference is economical to counteract.
So what happens? we have our laser printing machinery at this altitude. It is in a sealed room, climate controlled, and gasses collated, phun intended. The ozone gasses generated by this equipment are destined to be deposited into the upper stratosphere where they are useful for protecting us against solar radiation poisoning.
A pseudo friend of mine asks; so what about the carbon based toner that is toxic to organic life, what is done about that? Fair question. We modified our equipment slightly to address this. Toner cartridges are replenished with icing sugar, the baking kind. Print jobs are rendered onto black paper whilst the icing sugar is now spreading the white areas of the document onto the page. This does indeed increase maintainence cycles of the printer but at this altitude, you've got to take care of your equipment; cab drivers and heavy vehicle operators all follow the same principal of early consumables replacement to protect their investments.
So what then about the quality? sure, icing sugar on black paper comes out a dull grey, sometimes even brown if the batch is bad, but this is still considered a step up from the dark ages where toner would cake and the page would look just as shitty as it would on an emptying cartridge.
Think the quality is more important than the environment? use a commercial printing press for all the long term apps, and they can offer you incentives to switch to vegetable dies. Short term jobs are just that, too short a duration of existence to be bitching about the quality where other areas of the job need that kind of attention. Grow up and get the real jobs people.

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