Sunday, February 22, 2009

புகக் யூர் அர்ரோகன்சே.

To all those would-be marketers that rationalise the excuses out of purchase of your products, I say to you this:

When a person cannot purchase your product, even if it sells for only $7.68, there is usually a good reason for this. This reason is typically biased towards personal finance; however, hubris is not exactly an ideal motivator either.

As to why they have personal finance problems at the precise time they review your product, that is really none of your business, no matter what free content you have offered to them first.

We take accountability to the extremes; our pay and credit expenditures are tracked. Direct Debit is also tracked to a lesser extent, and the Tax office want to know your portfolio of assets down to the nearest cent. It is funny how in nature, resources are not exactly unlimited, and it is expected that one should make an effort to take care of your environment, but no-one asks you personally to be accountable. There is the same sentimental dribe, repeated about what is expected, but no-one is legally obliged to do something about the mercury in the water.

Do you people really think you're so bling because you do the things necessary, but not legally required, of your fellow human beings?

Eleven percent of the global population do not deserve to live here. Natural disasters are going to take out a much larger portion of the global population, just to bring that 11 percent to justice. Remember that, before you become outlandishly exuberant.

It's like you say, no excuses. Just do it!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

ராம மாமா லாலா

The biggest pile of crap ever released converted more customers than the perfect product that did not release at all.

I wrote it down like he asked; now if someone could please tell me how an unreleased product is considered perfect. I will sign your N.D.A. if you can release the specifications of your answer.

[2008-12-26] Missed the "almost perfect" and "had not been released yet," predicates that define the subject of that sentence. Yes J.R, your point is finally beginning to make its way home without adult supervision.