Sunday, May 16, 2010

These people perform a valuable service;

These people perform a valuable service; I prefer to let them be, not try to pull one over on them.

It's only those who contribute little, expending their energy in criticism of due process, talking like a shit without so much as doing a damn thing; they are the ones I take offense to:

http www dot r (first vowel) (second vowel) l dot com

A warning to those people; the next time you interrupt a critical business process, you will be in violation of numerous Occupational Health and Safety regulations. You could even hold yourselves personally liable for any shortfall incurred as a result of your interference. I'll see to it that you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of international law.

You can't set up a superstructure built with no maintenance objectives, act like you retain the divine right of the king, talk like a shit, be a real shit, and expect us to pay the bills, without turning over ownership of your own intellectual property. This variation of the genome is no longer yours. Planet Earth never truely was yours.

Do yourselves a favor and buy yourselves a band of travelling slaves. (note to readers - these people were dependent on slave labor for so long, they have little mechanical skill left. All they do is use androids designed thousands of years prior, and then they bitch like you wouldn't believe when nature rebells against them. As the parents they insist they be to us, I liken them to a display of pedantic drunken pedophilia; They can't get away with murdering us anymore, so they blow up our "toys" (cultural artifacts, one reminiscent of the Buddha)

Also, please consider this; if Buddha wanted to destroy an artifact we created in his likeness, because it infringes on his name, isn't that just the sort of disrespectful display that warrants us to render their divine prerogative null and invalid? They have had well over two thousand years to get their shit together, and get this; that little Shit Yesuha rubbed his excrement in our faces. We bent over backwards to save his impoverished arse ! I, Andrew Sinclair, said this shit, in retaliation for all their mysticism bullshit !

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